Original Mixing

FutureRecords always combines an original mixing technique with samples, edits and tunes.
The Mixes are all created with Ableton Live.
The Café 70s, 80s and 90s Series are highly recommended!
You can download all these Mixes HERE

NEW: Timmermans helping the people (MH-17)

What can I do with the disaster of Flight MH-17?
Put the feelings in music. I used the speech of our Minister Timmermans for this.
Mixed it wit Birdy's People Help the People.
Check it out here HERE

NEW: VerrückteStundeMix 2

Becaus of the huge likes and comments on Part 1,
I created this Part 2 so quickly.
Check it out here HERE

The Café 70s Megamix Part 6

Last Part? Yep ...
No one would have believed there would be a last part of The Café 70s.
The Café 70s series will be closed with this uptempo final MegaMix.
You can enjoy this NEW Megamix HERE


Besides AudioMixing FutureRecords also creates VideoMixes and Trailers.
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If you want a trailer, teaser or promo just contact us for more info.

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